Friday, April 13, 2012

Let's Get This Thing Started

I have been taking 16 credit hours this semester, but my last final is tomorrow. I am ready to fully turn my attention on the Lloyd Alexander project. Here is my list of to do for the next few weeks:

-Finish securing permission to obtain footage of a few key locations in Philadelphia and Drexel Hill
-Launch our fundraiser project on
-Work more on story
-Travel to NY to interview Sharyn November and Lloyd's editor Ann (Durrell) McCrory
-Travel to Philadelphia to interview Sandy Limont, and obtain footage
-Obtain footage in Drexel Hill where Lloyd lived most of his life
-Travel to Atlanta to interview Kemie Nix

I think this should be enough to keep me busy for the next three weeks. I'm pretty excited to really feel that this project is underway.

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