Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lloyd Alexander Day 2013

Happy 89th Birthday to Lloyd Alexander!

Over the past couple of years it has been my privilege to research the life and writings of a man by the name of Lloyd Alexander. I have never personally met Mr. Alexander, nor have I met his wife Janine. They both passed away in 2007, a few years before I started my research. However, over the period of reading about him, speaking to some of the people who knew him so very well, and walking the paths that he walked (visiting the places from his life such as his homes in Drexel Hill, his High School, the Drexel Hill Post Office, and even the pizza places where he was a regular), I feel as if I have gotten to know Lloyd and Janine in a unique way. As I mentioned to a friend, "I feel as if they are grandparents of mine that I never met". 

My research culminated in 2 documentary films about Lloyd Alexander and his writings. Over the process of making the films, I sadly had to cut out many of the books and aspects of his life that I found so endearing. However, I feel as if I was able to tell the story that will give viewers of the films a new appreciation and understanding of this beloved American author. 

Today marks 89 years since his birth in West Philadelphia. Every year on this date, I hope to remember Mr. Alexander by reading one of his books (at least part of a book), and inviting others to do the same. Next year will be his 90th birthday, and we are planning quite a celebration in Provo, UT (more details to come later). However, as for this year, I wanted to take a few minutes and reflect on my feelings of Lloyd Alexander (see above), and give an update on the status of the documentaries. 

We are working out the final details in order to produce the films onto DVD. The DVD's will be sent to  those who purchased one by supporting the film on Kickstarter. There will also be other DVD's available for purchase at a future date (hopefully soon). 

Today, I wanted to release the cover art for the DVDs. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I do.

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